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18 June- 9 July

"Art as a path into mystery for the revelation of Self"


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Exhibition program

* 18th June 7pm Opening ceremony with a group dance, co-created by shamanic artists and creatives Mouna Ly, Laura Timperley, Phoebe Ryrko and Elisabeth Landgraf (if weather permits, the group dance will be in the wonderful garden)

*18th June till 9th July Visionary, spiritual and mystical art exhibition

* 25th June 5:30 pm till 7:30pm Live painting followed by a Q&A session with Susannah Philipson

* Wed 22nd June /Wed 29th June/Wed 6th July from 6:30 till 8pm Inner dance and movement exploration sessions

*Thursday 23rd June /Th 30th June/7th July from 2pm till 4pm Intuitive art painting session

*9th July from 7pm till 9pm  Closing ceremony with a whirling dance of devotion "Dancing before Heaven" by Elisabeth Landgraf, opening the portals through dance

7:45 till 9pm Open space for everyone to dance together from 7:45pm

Book your space and experience art, creativity, dance and explore your unique imagination to open doors of possibilities!
Places are limited!

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