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18 June 7pm
Opening ceremony with a group dance by shamanic artists and creatives

About Laura, Phoebe and Maimouna

The love, passion and the profound connection we all have for movement and dance as well as the deep interest in healing and wellbeing brought us together to co-create a ritualistic dance to honour the infinite wisdom of our body, to feel alive and express ourselves in a free and unique way.

creative process.jpe

Creative collective process

Co-creating a ritualistic dance within a group  as part of the art exhibition is an extremely interesting process as each of us comes from culturally diverse background and life experiences.

We are exploring uncharted territories as we don't know each other well and I haven't personally co-created a collective dance before but it's very exciting and fascinating to witness and experience what can emerge from the interactions and connections.

Life is a giant canvas where the subtle play of the unconscious/conscious projections dance and move. The magic of life emerges naturally from a free, safe and open space where each person's unique creative imagination is given a voice to be expressed, listened and celebrated.


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