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What is Devotional whirling or "Dancing before Heaven"?
"Dancing before Heaven" is rooted in 2 symbolic events in the mysterious Life I came to experience, one from this reincarnated life, the other from much more ancient.
First, "Dancing before Heaven" is the translation of the type of dance performed by some Korean shamans during sacred ceremonies called "Muchonje". There are some similar aspects with the Sufi mystical whirling  such as entering a trance state to connect to God and imitating the natural movement of the planets orbiting the Sun in our galaxy.
In Korea, Manshin or shamans move in a rhythmic motion and often spin or whirl during their "Gut" or sacred rituals while in state of trance to connect to their Gods and invoke particular Deities.
Contrary to the Western world where mythologies are mostly described and passed down in written form, in Korea, a big part of the myths were and are narrated or sang during sacred rituals called "gut" performed by shamans. Therefore, "guts" are  5000 year-old rituals that have a direct influence  Korean culture and psyche. 
Second, the official birthday I thought to be my real one ( but is not), happened to be the 3rd October. This date corresponds to the National Foundation Day in Korea called "Gaecheonjol" which means "Opening of Heaven"
My whirling practices are inherently connected to my ancestral heritage and my somatic impulses to remember through the body those myths that have been passed down from generation to generation in my family as I explore the knowledge and wisdom of the body.
Our body possess infinite intelligence, an ancient memory far greater than this incarnated life.
I've been dancing for the last 6 years or so and I would often end up whirling naturally and effortlessly, my body would just start going around and around, experiencing a state of trance where "I" do not exist and feel this powerful energy opening from within , allowing me to experience  the non-existence which has a subtle yet profound effect in my "normal" state of awareness. 
Since 2020, I've been regularly practicing whirling as a part of my exploration into my personal and Ancestral memory as well as a devotional practice to express my profound gratitude for this incredibly beautiful and mysterious Life. It's my soul's wish to share this prayer of gratitude and connection through movement  with others.


  Will I feel dizzy or nauseous?
You will very likely experience dizziness and/or nausea, this is perfectly normal, whirling should therefore be practiced slowly and gradually at each person's rhythm and pace. As you start practicing regularly, you will learn to know your body and slowly will surrender to the dance itself and you will no longer feel dizzy or nauseous. It is not about how fast or well one whirls, it is the experience of the alignment of the Trinity: body, mind and spirit

Why whirling?
Whirling is just one of the many and diverse  tools Life offers us to explore our body, mind and spirit, it is an active meditation which allows an intimate connection to oneself through a repetitive, rhythmic movement.  Our whole Life can be a meditation, one can meditate whilst washing the dishes, walking, cooking, interacting with someone etc... but being in a dedicated space with the intention to deeply listen to  ourselves facilitate the experience of surrendering to what is.  
Whirling is a very powerful symbolic movement of the Origin, it is a natural motion of energy, everything in this Universe moves in spiral-like form, As we whirl and learn to surrender to the natural movement, we enter into symbiosis with everything that exists.
In these uncertain modern times especially with social restrictions, many of us may be affected by isolation and lack of open, creative and nurturing space to interact with others.
Exploring and practicing our faith regardless of what we believe in, or simply experience oneself through movement and dancing is really crucial to restore hope and trust to build resilience to face life's challenges.

 Do I have to believe in God or something to participate?
No, this is not a religious practice, it is open to anyone who would like to connect to their essence and/or practice active meditation through movement in a sacred, creative space with others.

How many?

In line with Covid regulations, the rom is suitable for about 9/10 people

Who is it for?
Anyone interested in experiencing, exploring themselves through movement/dance. Dance and movement allow us to feel, sense, notice and  express our inner emotions and state of being, conscious as well as unconscious which facilitate the connection to oneself and others beyond the limitations of the mind. These whirling sessions are for anyone who wishes to connect to their soul and explore or deepen their faith through practice.
It is paramount to understand that these sessions may affect you on every level : spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological  and hidden/unexplored emotions may rise from it. Therefore, self-awareness and knowing your own boundaries are important.

£6 for concession £12 full price
The price will cover the hiring of the space, music licencing, public liability insurance and donation to charity organisation.

Please click here  to book your space online. Due to Covid regulations I need to know the number of participants. 

How do I book/cancel
This is a drop-in class, however because of Covid restrictions, I need to know how many people will attend each class as the room is suitable for only up to 9/10 people.  If for any reasons, you have to cancel your booking, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can allocate the space to someone else. I will refund your deposit if you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session.

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