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"Like the two opposite wings of a butterfly, the dream world is one wing and the awake world is the other wing. The butterfly must have both wings connected at the heart in order to fly and function. Neither wing_dreams and waking_contains all of life. Real life occurs as a result of the interaction of the two. Our lives, like the butterfly's heart are kept aloft by two opposing, mirroring, twinlike wings."

Martin Pretchtel, Secrets of the talking Jaguar


Why is it important to connect to our dream?

Dreaming is an essential aspect of being human, regardless of the fact one remembers or not and it still remains a very elusive and mysterious process which human beings have always tried to understand without ever fully grasping.

Our Ancestors knew the powerful insight and the creative imagination of the dreams expressing through symbols and associations of ideas and concept. They were an integral part of daily living, dream world was not separate from the "reality".

As we start to be curious about our dreams, a relationship starts and  our unconscious thoughts, emotions, patterns, slowly start to reveal themselves. As we explore our hidden/unknown inner landscape, we start understanding the dream language revealing the individual unconscious as well as the memory of the Ancestors, the collective unconscious. Ancestors are every living being, from mountains to animals to water, trees etc...everything that existed, exist and will exist: Time is very likely an emerging concept of the mind, in reality, there is only eternity.

Aware of it or not, dreams have a direct influence on our experience of "reality" and nurturing a relationship with them open doors of perception beyond what we believe we know.

How do we weave our dream into our daily life?

There are as many ways as our imagination allows us to do so. Here are some examples of how I let the dream realm weave into my daily life. If I have a dream which has a significant meaning, I usually paint it or dance it, I don't necessarily have to remember all the details to paint the dream, I may take an element from the dream or reconnect to the feeling I had during the dream and paint from that experienced energy, emotions. Emotions are powerful and wise guidance system, sometimes, we may remember only a faint fragment of the dream but what we felt during the dream can give us so much information. If I dance, I may re-enter the dream with active imagination and start moving slowly from that space and let myself be "moved" by the subtle movements, I may also start walking around gently in circle and let myself be meditated by the powerful, symbolic movement of the circle. Circles, according to Carl Jung represents the unconscious, the sacred mandala of the mind. I may also re-enter my dreams with active imagination and write down a dialogue, with questions and answers about the dream, characters I have encountered, landscape I travelled etc... I also use automatic drawing, letting the pencil or pen take a life of its own without trying to understand or make sense. I sometimes close my eyes and display an array of coloured pens and let my unconscious choose the colours and it is so fascinating what automatic drawings and colours can reveal, it is truly magic in action!

Please use the form in the Contact me session of my website if you are interested in creative dreamwork as part of a group, I will let you know all the details.

What to expect?

Dreams are one of the portals to our unconscious realm with its own language, association and imagination. We will take turn by sharing the most recent dream we had and the exploration will consist of asking  the dreamer questions to allow the dreamer to explore their own landscape of dreams. It is extremely insightful to ask each other open questions (what, how, why etc...) as each of us has different ways of thinking, associating , reasoning and imagining. 

The dreamer may also share his/her dream with a collage or drawing/painting as visual tools can be extremely powerful for exploration beyond the reasoning of the mind.

Exploring dreams can be extremely challenging as dreams will reveal intimate and unconscious aspects of ourselves, therefore it is paramount to understand that through dreams, we may access very sensitive issues, traumas and unresolved feelings from even before birth, childhood and adulthood.


What are the benefits of work-play with our dreams?


-Creativity and imagination

-healing/receiving messages of wisdom from different realms

-connect with loved-ones/spirits/beings of other dimensions

-understanding our living patterns/habits

-better relation with ourselves for better relationship with others

-expanding the mind and heart

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