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Art, shamanism and dreams

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The path into the mysteries


This monthly workshop will explore the intimate relation between art, spirituality and shamanism.

One of the oldest ways of living in harmony with our environment was through the shamanic practices, honoring the natural rhythms and cycles of Life, living in respect and connection to everything that exist, nurture our intimate relationship with the invisible realms and while it has evolved considerably over thousands of years, the core principles remain the same. 


In korea, the main religion before the introduction of Buddhism and Confucianism was shamanism, it was THE WAY of living and is still quite present in Korean culture and psyche. While There are many different types of shamans in korea, there is a distinct path for some shamans to bring healing and channel the creativity of Life through creative and artistic expressions including chants, rituals, dancing, music.

The aim of this monthly gathering is to connect us back to the wisdom of shamanism through the exploration of creative expressions such as painting, drawing, singing/sounding dancing, moving and weaving the dreamworld into our daily lives. We live in a modern world where everything moves so fast, there is barely time to simply sit and contemplate the passing of Life and its subtle movements, it is a necessity to gather as a group and remember ourselves and each other the importance of simplicity, creativity, connection and expression of our uniqueness in a supportive, open and safe circle where each of us play a role in the chain of unity.

What to expect

Each monthly gathering will be themed depending on the season and the events happening at the time of the gathering, some examples of themes could be the exploration of our connection with the Ancestors, our shadow aspect, archetypes, celebration of the change of season, rebirthing process, death etc...

We will be exploring the monthly theme through various creative tools I use regularly such as singing, voicing, sounding, dancing, moving, automatic drawing and writing, sharing of dreams. We will start the circle of unity with dreams, 

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