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Thursday 23rd June / 30th June/7th July from 2pm till 4pm

Intuitive art sessions


In these creative and intuitive drawing/painting sessions, we will leave

behind what we believe we know and explore our own unique landscape

of imagination waiting to be revealed as we make time and space to

connect to our inner world.


In my view, painting is not really about art but about life, the regular

practice of painting is one of the greatest teachers. We can explore our

own fear, our creative imagination, our unique perspective on life, let

our inner child express, learn about patience and letting go. It allows us

to connect to our dreams, fantasies and express our deepest shadows and

light where the limitation is only a brush stroke, one movement away.

I will be sharing some of the different techniques, tools and practices I use to

create my art such as automatic drawing, active/ passive meditation,

movement /music, decalcomania, drawing/ painting from picture for

reference etc...


You do not need to have any kind of artistic skills but an open mind and

heart, a sense of curiosity and the willingness to get to know yourself.

We will be playing around and explore our own unique, infinite field of



All materials will be provided

About the artist

I feel that art is finding its way through us when we are open to the possibilities and willing to trust the mysteries and the unknown. There's a greater power of Intelligence beyond our imagination that is the fundamental weaving of Life.

Art came to me as a mystical surprise 8 years ago following a spiritual experience that transformed my life in an instant while living in South Korea. Along with the re-connection to my ancestors came the deep and powerful inspiration to explore art and creativity through painting, dance/movement and working with my dreams. 

I feel sincerely inspired to share the wisdom and the power of creativity and art with others so that we can live more connected to ourselves, therefore with others and everything that exists.

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