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 9 July from 7:45pm

Free dance, dance freely!!!

The Salisbury centre is warmly opening the exhibition space to everyone to dance and move together, please join us for an hour of music, dance, imagination and unique expression where the limits are only one movement away!


Dancing and moving freely is one of the most natural way of being, let's dance together to celebrate Life, connect to our body, mind and spirit, connect to others and simply be alive!

Each of us have the innate desire to be/feel free and express ourselves in our own unique, authentic way and we all have different conscious but mostly unconscious motivations and drives to be who we are. However, along Life's journey, we may somehow strayed away from our own truth.

Non-verbal and creative types of expression such as dance and movement help us to intuitively connect to our essence and express ourselves in a way we can not verbally. As we start to move and dance by being present to how/what we feel at a given moment, we start to trust our body, we slowly discover our inner most desires, fears, hopes that are connected to unknown/hidden/repressed primeval and instinctive forces.


Through movement and connection to our body, we can open doors of possibilities to wander and perhaps perceive some aspect of ourselves, beyond the concepts of the mind and knowing. 

It is an invitation to connect to our Life force and creative imagination and in that space, we also meet who we perceive as "others".

It is a natural longing for human beings to connect to others through movement /dance to feel and be part of a community/group where we share common human, meaningful values.


It is a time where we are open to what is.

About the artist

I feel that art is finding its way through us when we are open to the possibilities and willing to trust the mysteries and the unknown. There's a greater power of Intelligence beyond our imagination that is the fundamental weaving of Life.

Art came to me as a mystical surprise 8 years ago following a spiritual experience that transformed my life in an instant while living in South Korea. Along with the re-connection to my ancestors came the deep and powerful inspiration to explore art and creativity through painting, dance/movement and working with my dreams. 

I feel sincerely inspired to share the wisdom and the power of creativity and art with others so that we can live more connected to ourselves, therefore with others and everything that exists.

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