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Live painting followed by a Q&A session with Susannah Philipson

25th June 5:30pm


What is visionary art to me?
It is the exploration of the hidden, invisible realms which we are in constant interaction with, it is the realms of energy , of unseen cosmic forces that is the fundamental weaving of matter and which rules everything that exists. It is the practice of leaving behind what we may believe we know and have a relationship with the unknown, the mystery of life.
I feel it is my incredibly mysterious and fascinating task to plunge into the depths of both the personal and universal  as well as ancestral, collective memory to explore far and wide what it means to be a human being with all its inherent possibilities and limitations.
I practice this exploration with as much honesty, trust and a real sense of wonders for this incredibly mysterious LIFE. My paintings are the witnesses of this process of this play which are materialised through colours, curves, lines

Buddha said "you are not your thoughts, you are what thinks" , these profound words reveal the greater intelligence at play, projecting outwardly into the material form the structural chaos of Creation and while everything moves and changes constantly, there is a Truth that remains eternal and infinite. When we connect to the essence of who we are, we can access this expanded state of awareness.

This live painting session will allow visitors to see some of the materials, tools and the inner/outer process of working/playing with paint. Art is an expression of an intimate relationship that I cultivate, nurture and love, therefore the practice of painting is an invitation to explore my own fear, learn to be patient and mostly, learn to trust that from that open, dedicated space of creativity, the unmaterialised world will surface naturally. I often feel that the paintings are working through me, and not the other way around. Painting allows me to process emotions, memories, experiences from my subconscious bridging to the universal memory and archetypal forces.

After the live painting session, Susannah Philipson, Event Co-ordinator at the Salisbury centre and I will have a discussion about how art came into my life and the fascinating process of creativity and share my life experience.

About the artist

I feel that art is finding its way through us when we are open to the possibilities and willing to trust the mysteries and the unknown. There's a greater power of Intelligence beyond our imagination that is the fundamental weaving of Life.

Art came to me as a mystical surprise 8 years ago following a spiritual experience that transformed my life in an instant while living in South Korea. Along with the re-connection to my ancestors came the deep and powerful inspiration to explore art and creativity through painting, dance/movement and working with my dreams. 

I feel sincerely inspired to share the wisdom and the power of creativity and art with others so that we can live more connected to ourselves, therefore with others and everything that exists.

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