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Christ consciousness during Easter

Updated: Apr 12

The last few years, Easter has been a very interesting and deeply meaningful time. It's a period of symbolic happenings both on a collective, spiritual and religious level and on a personal level as my adoptive dad passed away during Easter in 2019.

We weren't close however, I wish I could have said or shared a few things before he left this realm, but I didn't get the chance to do it. I couldn't even go to my dad's funerals as it was during the full lockdown in April 2019. My dad came to me in dreams for about a month after he transitioned and I had the opportunity to understand quite a few things through the insights dreams allowed me to perceive, his soul was wandering restlessly not knowing where to go, I only understand now that I somehow guided him to let go of his attachment to the physical realm and join a more peaceful one.

But Easter is also my loving soulmate's birthday, Davide who I walk this beautiful and mysterious path with. It's therefore a time of celebration of his life, a man with very rare qualities who shows me everyday, just by the way he lives his life how to be simple, patient, joyful, playful and loving.

This painting called " The 8th dimension" emerged during Easter 2021. I remember listening to the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic for over 2 months while painting this artwork, I cried so many times singing the lyrics of the prayer and although I don't really know the exact meaning of each word, I can feel the vibration that this prayer has. It's only when I finished the painting and stepped back a few meters away that I saw the heart shape on the painting.

This year, my partner's birthday was on the same day as Easter Sunday and we simply invited a few friends to chill by the fire in our garden. And naturally, we started to talk about Christ consciousness and Jesus and we all shared our perspective on the universal principles of the teaching of Jesus, the eternal values of love, acceptance, peace and the seeking of truth.

We spent the rest of the evening in this deeply inspiring subject and the funniest thing is that while our friend Samuele was sharing his understanding of the messages of Jesus, he really looked like him. He had a blanket as it was getting cold and we really felt his sincere and deep yearning to see the truth of the words of Jesus without distorting or interpreting.

Samuele, our friend, sharing his understanding of the teaching of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

I still feel the high energy of that evening 2 days after, we simply sat around a magical fire with its red amber slowly transforming into a bright golden colour, sharing the inspirational, universal, eternal wisdom that Jesus embodied. Thank you life, thank you beautiful friends, thank you Davide, my dear soulmate and thank you for taking the time to read...

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