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Let's gather in nature to reconnect with ourselves and others, immerse in the healing powers of the natural elements with fire, water, air, earth and ether through dance, movement and shamanic songs.

Being in nature naturally invites us to quieten our active minds, and slow down our rhythms to gently harmonise with nature's energy. Spend a time of guided meditation with shamanic songs and instruments, and let yourself feel, sense and experience the joy, the tranquillity and the inner fire within each of us as we gently remember our true essence and our own inner guidance, intuition and wisdom.

Friday 26th May 2023 from 19:30 until 21pm
Meet at The Planetary Healing Community Woodland, Cockburnhill Road, Balerno, EH14 7JB. Bus 44 / 44A. Stop at the third bus stop after the roundabout, enter Cockburnhill Road, walk approximately 15 minutes, at the V junction turn right and walk 2 minutes.
Who is it for?
Anyone over the age of 18, interested in being in natural environment and explore through dance and movement. The natural environment allows us to feel, sense, notice and  express our inner emotions and state of being, conscious as well as unconscious which facilitate the connection to oneself and others beyond the limitations and the narratives of the mind. 
It is paramount to understand that these sessions may affect you on every level : spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological  and hidden/unexplored emotions may rise from it. Therefore, self-awareness and knowing your own boundaries are important.
£18.00 full price sliding scale. If finance is an issue, please contact me in advance.
Please click  here  to book your space online.
Full refund until the day before the event.
Shamanic session

The Dance of Return: The Inner dance session will follow the symbolic cycle of life. The dance will start and finish the same way with breathwork and accompanying movement through birth, childhood, adulthood, surrendering and back again to the breath: the spark of life, the moment just before birth. We will explore each stage in the cycle of life through movement and dance by connecting and being immersed in the 5 natural elements.

All are welcome, no experience is necessary. Every session is different, we will connect to the energy of the group and facilitate according to what is the most beneficial in our time of gathering.

Open to everyone over the age of 18 years

Facilitators: Elisabeth Landgraf and Maimouna Ly from Naomhaom

Maimouna Ly from Naomhaom


Maimouna  is a healer from generations of healers in her family, a holistic therapist, a shamanic practitioner, she is also an artist and a writer.

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In the forest
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