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Exploration through movement and dance into the unknown, the invisible


It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery, but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between. (Diane Ackerman)
These dance sessions are an exploration of the play between our conscious and unconscious, a play that is projected inwards and outwards which shape the experience of who we feel and think we are and ultimately what we perceive as "reality".
It is a space where we give a voice to our hidden, non-expressed experiences without needing to understand or comprehend, we explore the mysterious language of the body and the inner dance that is always present within us.
What are the mysteries and why exploring through creative tools such as dance and movement ? What does mystery mean to you, to me ? Why exploring the unknown and the invisible?
The invisible, the intangible are at the core of what makes us "real" and give form to our experience of Life. There is a constant, ever changing interactions between the self and what we perceive as "outside of self".
Each of us have the innate desire to be/feel free and express ourselves in our own unique, authentic way and we all have different conscious but mostly unconscious motivations and drives to be who we are. However, along Life's journey, we may somehow strayed away from our own truth.
Non-verbal and creative types of expression such as dance and movement help us to intuitively connect to our essence and express ourselves in a way we can not verbally. As we start to move and dance by being present to how/what we feel at a given moment, we start to trust our body, we slowly discover our inner most desires, fears, hopes that are connected to unknown/hidden/repressed primeval and instinctive forces.
It is a session where we can open doors of possibilities to wander and perhaps perceive some aspect of ourselves, beyond the concepts of the mind and knowing
It is an invitation to connect to our Life force and creative imagination and in that space, we also meet who we perceive as "others".
It is a natural longing for human beings to connect to others through movement /dance to feel and be part of a community/group where we share common human, meaningful values.
It is a time where we are open to what is. These sessions will be in nature, in total connection with earth, water, fire and air, we can simply be humans in movement.
Observing and noticing what arises during and after these session can help us perceive some set patterns or latent emotions . Sometimes, we may feel uncomfortable or uneasy and that is ok, we can stay with it and see what happens. As we discover new perspectives, we can get a wider picture of ourselves and the world around us, a tiny shift in perspective is sometimes all we need to understand why we think, feel in a certain way and from the space of witnessing "what is", healing can take place. 
Each week will have a specific theme, all of which will be connected to the exploration of the invisible or little explored or unexpressed emotions and feelings in our unconscious such as our connection to the natural elements, archetypal forces, creative Life force, instinct/raw/wildness, dreams, shadow/dark, innocence, sensuality and passion, personal power, ancestral memory, death, etc...
Every 2 weeks from 6:30 till 8:30 pm from 28th April 2022 (12 May/26 May/9 June/23 June/7July / 21 July /4August/18 August)
Meet at The Planetary Healing Community Woodland, Cockburnhill Road, Balerno, EH14 7JB. Bus 44 / 44A. Stop at the third bus stop after the roundabout, enter Cockburnhill Road, walk approximately 15 minutes, at the V junction turn right and walk 2 minutes.
Who is it for?
Anyone interested in being themselves in natural environment and/or experiencing, exploring themselves through movement/dance, connected to our breath. Dance and movement allow us to feel, sense, notice and  express our inner emotions and state of being, conscious as well as unconscious which facilitate the connection to oneself and others beyond the limitations of the mind. The seat of pure creativity lies in the unconscious, exploring this infinite realm will help with connecting to the power of creativity and imagination.
It is paramount to understand that these sessions may affect you on every level : spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological  and hidden/unexplored emotions may rise from it. Therefore, self-awareness and knowing your own boundaries are important.
Donation based
Please click  here  to book your space online. Due to Covid regulations I need to know the number of participants,
How do I book/cancel
This is a drop-in class, however if it is your first time, please arrive about 10-15 min before at the meeting point so that I can show you how to get from the meeting point to the space where we are going to dance. If for any reasons, you have to cancel your booking, please let me know as soon as possible.
 Structure of each session
20/25 minutes gathering in circle where the intention and the theme of the dance session will be explored briefly through words. While words are not often necessary, voicing by giving a form to our thoughts can enhance and set a particular motion in alignment with an intention.
1hour dancing, mix of guided and free exploration, alone or with others.
10/15min to rest quietly and let the experience of the movement/dance settle in. Sharing in circle if we feel inclined to.
​If you are interested in participating, or if you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact form and I will reply within 2 days.
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