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Intuitive art painting

Every Wednesday from 18th June until 9th July


"The artist is not a person... who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to seek its purpose through him" C.G.Jung


Explore your inner landscape and express yourself through creative tools including painting/drawing sounding/voicing and movement/dancing


Who is it for?

Anyone interested in exploring their creativity, their personal power and life force. Creativity is a crucial aspect of being human and feeling alive, when we explore our own creative imagination, we are directly connected to the infinite energy of Life itself.


What would be the benefit of participating in this workshop?

-Exploring our playfulness is a crucial part of being creative, there’s no such a thing as a mistake, everything can be perceived/experienced as an exploration into the process of creation and we sometimes or often get swept away by the daily responsibilities and forget to play and simply enjoy being alive.


-connecting to our inner landscape, our unique imagination and express it outwardly through creative tools

allows us to directly connect to our vital force/ life energy or chi


-Sharing with others in a safe and creative space where vulnerability and doubts are welcome allows us to explore uncomfortable spaces of being without naming, judging or even understanding with our mind but simply experience what arises.


What to bring?

All materials will be provided, please wear comfortable clothes and which can be painted on, if you can, bring a blanket.


What is Creativity?

It’s difficult for me to talk about creativity without associating to a Divine force / greater power or God, who I don’t personify as a being but a Creative Divine Consciousness. In fact, we don’t even need to materialise it into something or act on it to be creative, just being human is a creative process but it is wonderful, empowering and deeply healing to express outwardly through action and let ourselves be the vessels for creativity to flow. 

The other crucial aspect of creativity is the dance of the opposites, yin/yang, light/shadow, tension/letting go, structure/chaos etc... the dance of the mind and heart, everything is in constant, subtle change and we can observe this creative rhythm coming and going without having to understand what is going on, but experience it, feel it and express it.


When we create something, we make space and time for the creativity of Life to come through us 

Life is a mysterious adventure where we really don’t know how it’s going to unfold but we can learn to trust our intuition and surrender to the unknown, something much greater than our own selves and this is when magic happens!

We will explore together what it means to be creative, beyond the collective and individual ideas and concepts we have made in our mind of what creativity looks like.


We are all naturally creative, there is nothing  but to explore and discover who we are, each of us has immense capacity for creation but most of the time, it stays dormant or we may think that only certain people are artistically creative, nothing could be further from truth, as we speak, we are creating our own reality, our own world.

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