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Explore your own unique, powerful and creative imagination

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In these creative and intuitive drawing/painting sessions, we will leave

behind what we believe we know and explore our own unique landscape

of imagination waiting to be revealed as we make time and space to

connect to our inner world.


In my view, painting is not really about art but about life, the regular

practice of painting is one of the greatest teachers. We can explore our

own fear, our creative imagination, our unique perspective on life, let

our inner child express, learn about patience and letting go. It allows us

to connect to our dreams, fantasies and express our deepest shadows and

light where the limitation is only a brush stroke, one movement away.

I will be sharing all the different techniques, tools and practices I use to

create my art such as automatic drawing, active/ passive meditation,

movement /music, decalcomania, drawing/ painting from picture for

reference etc...


You do not need to have any kind of artistic skills but an open mind and

heart, a sense of curiosity and the willingness to get to know yourself.

We will be playing around and explore our own unique, infinite field of



These sessions are not “painting" classes as such where one learns how

to paint in a traditional way although some basic painting knowledge

will be covered.

6-week block sessions every Thursday from 7-9pm Max 8 people. The course will begin on 24 Feb 2022.


Structure of the class:

15/20 min of time to connect to ourselves through either passive/active

mediation/ gentle movement/ sounding etc…

1h 30 drawing/sketching/painting

10/15min tidying, cleaning material, tools

Please contact me or the Conan Doyle centre to book your space

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