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Dream of bow and arrow

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Back in December 2019, I had this powerful dream which I felt very inspired to paint as it's very meaningful to me.

In the dream, I'm at home, standing by the main door that has a window. I receive 2 parcels, one is very big and long and the second one is much smaller. I open the big one and I see this incredibly beautiful bow, it is made of a super smooth wood, slightly reddish with subtle, darker veins.

I was mesmerised by the shape of the bow as it had this incredibly beautiful curve, it felt like the flow of energy captured in magnificent wood. There was also an arrow with 2 or 3 feathers.

In the dream I felt so grateful and I was wondering who loved me so much to send me such beautiful gifts, I felt it was from someone/something who loved me infinitely.

I woke up with this deep sense of gratitude and love and I wanted to know who sent me these gifts.....

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