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I love music and painting!!!!

I started this painting just before my trip to Korea, I love listening to music while painting although sometimes, I also love painting in silence and while I notice my thoughts, very often, I'm transported into the unknown realm of imagination and creativity.

I don't really know what this painting is about, I actually never know what wants to come through but very often, I'm inspired by the human body, especially women's. I sometimes observe my own hands and sense a deep sense of proportion, beauty, harmony at the intricacy and the complexity of human hands and the human body.

I once met a shaman and I asked " how do you know so much about Life? " and she answered " I received a lot from my Ancestors but ultimately, it is the observation of Life that allows you to know"

If we take the example of our hand, all the proportions are within: the length of the face is usually the length of the hand from the major finger to the wrist line; a thumb is usually the length of the nose from the brow line to the base of the nose, which is the third of the length of the face, etc...

Why am I talking about observation and harmony? because when we take the time to simply observe and notice every single details of something, we soon realise and experience that everything which is naturally created is so complex yet so harmonious and we can only marvel at the infinite intelligence of this Life. This is what inspires me at the deepest level of my being, sensing, seeing, understanding, perceiving this harmony, I try to re-interpret through art what I experience.

When I talk about harmony or proportion, I don't mean perfection but the relationship between things that makes the harmony, not the thing itself.

It is the same of the people, I don't think that someone is necessarily special but it is what exists between people ( the relationship) that makes a person special.

I often listen to enigmatic music, mantras and heavenly music, a few of them are masterpieces to me as they enhance my painting practices and of course, they influence the way I paint and probably the painting itself on a subtle level.

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