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The art of korean calligraphy

I love Korean calligraphy, it's a practice that connects me to my ancestors and the influence of Buddhist philosophy. I practice calligraphy on Korean mulberry paper called "hanji", which is a strong, resistant paper, ideal for it.

Korean alphabet called "hangeul" is a scientifical, logical system of writing that expresses some of Korean people's characters.

The practice of this art allows me to go within and align mind, body and spirit as I hold the brush, which is an extension of my arm to let myself guided by the movement and the form. It is said that in one single stroke, the qualities of the calligrapher are shown, one can feel, see and sense the artist's hope, fears, sadness and joy.

It's a meditative practice that is very different from painting as all the focus and attention are directed towards one single stoke.

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