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Free dance, dance freely

After the closing ceremony of " Dancing before Heaven" on 9th July at 19:30, the Salisbury centre is warmly opening the exhibition space to everyone to dance and move together, please join us for an hour of music, dance, imagination and unique expression where the limits are only one movement away!

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What is Devotional whirling or "Dancing before Heaven"? 


"Dancing before Heaven" is rooted in 2 symbolic events in the mysterious Life I came to experience, one from this reincarnated life, the other from much more ancient. 

First, "Dancing before Heaven" is the translation of the type of dance performed by some Korean shamans during sacred ceremonies called "Muchonje". There are some similar aspects with the Sufi mystical whirling  such as entering a trance state to connect to God and imitating the natural movement of the planets orbiting the Sun in our galaxy. 

In Korea, Manshin or shamans move in a rhythmic motion and often spin or whirl during their "Gut" or sacred rituals while in state of trance to connect to their Gods and invoke particular Deities. 

Contrary to the Western world where mythologies are mostly described and passed down in written form, in Korea, a big part of the myths were and are narrated or sang during sacred rituals called "gut" performed by shamans. Therefore, "guts" are  5000 year-old rituals that have a direct influence  Korean culture and psyche.  

Second, the official birthday I thought to be my real one ( but is not), happened to be the 3rd October. This date corresponds to the National Foundation Day in Korea called "Gaecheonjol" which means "Opening of Heaven" My whirling practices are inherently connected to my ancestral heritage and my somatic impulses to remember through the body the originel circular movements that have been passed down from generation to generation in my family as I explore the knowledge and wisdom of the body. 

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